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The levels of fees are not included in this folder as these depend on the number of times a week a student trains and because from time to time, fees may change. You will of course be informed of any changes when they occur. Please ask at the desk if you wish to know the current levels of any fees. There are also some concessions available. These apply to families and students.Please ask at the desk to see if you are eligible for concessionary rates.

Because in the past we have experienced difficulties in collecting fees and that in some cases, non-payment of fees can invalidate a student’s insurance cover, we have a very strict policy on payment of all fees. Regrettably, unless payments are received, as and when due, students will be unable to participate in classes, train or test. Please also remember that the continued survival of the school depends on prompt payment of all fees.


The membership joining fee, of course, you have already paid and this automatically registers you as a member of the Martial Arts Centre and the World Kuk Sool Association Headquarters in the UK and USA. Within a few weeks of joining, you will receive your official WKSA membership card, which includes your promotion record. Please take care of this card, as replacements are subject to a £10.00 fee.


Each year, this fee is due at the beginning of January. In the second year of membership, the amount of the fee is dependent on when you joined during your first year. The following table illustrates the fee payable upon your first renewal:

January – March100%
April – June75%
July – September50%
October – December25%


Testing fees are on an ascending scale and must be paid by the Final Date stated on the Testing Application Form. This is in order to prepare all paperwork and administration that has to be done to ensure a successful event. Failure to comply with this policy will result in disqualification from the testing, unless a late-payment fee is paid. Late payment fees apply to every student, therefore students have the choice of whether to wait and test next time or pay thelate fee administration charge. However, Dahn Bo Nims missing a testing may then be ineligible to promote to black belt until enough Testings have been completed. Please ask at the Front Desk for current late-payment fees.

Any candidate who fails a testing will be required to pay half the testing fee the next time s/he applies to test for the same rank.

Family members will only receive concessions when testing on the same day.


The Martial Arts Centre operates a Direct Debit system for the collection of Monthly Training Fees. All other fees such as, Annual Membership, Testing and Merchandise fees, are collected manually at the appropriate times. If you are unable to attend classes for any reason thenregrettably, there will not be a refund on training fees. If a testing is missed, any fees paid will be carried over to the next testing. If the class has to close on a regular training evening, thenanother training session will be scheduled in. If the class has to close on a regular training evening due to circumstances beyond the control of the Martial Arts Centre, then the centre will endeavour to schedule in another training session. However, there may be occasions where this may not be possible, due to scheduling timetables and/or other reasons. 

If a student decides they no longer wish to continue with their training, then a one-month period of notice is required to terminate their Direct Debit agreement. Any charges incurred by the Martial Arts Centre because of an inability to collect training fees, shall be payable by the direct debit account holder through way of an invoice.

Regular classes are calculated on a basis of 48 weeks – payable as 12 equal monthly payments. (Worked out as 4 or 8 sessions per month x 12 months = 48 weeks, which leaves 4 weeks which can be taken off – two weeks during the summer break and two weeks during the winter break)